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Dear Our Next Impulse Fitness Member,

Impulse Fitness is a specialist in Electric Muscle Stimulation fitness. Embark on an integrative journey of pioneering holistic concepts, state-of-the-art technology together with the best concierge services, supported by our team of professional trainers and lifestyle managers.

Placing you and your needs at the very heart of our endeavours, we focus on a personalised, holistic approach to fitness optimisation. In today’s busy world where time is of the essence, why not take the hard work out of getting your dream body by letting us do what we are renowned for.


EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation using the technology that makes exercises much more intense and productive than traditional gym training. EMS session is a 20-minute full-body training that activates all your major muscle groups. You will burn over 600 calories per one session, helping you to achieve your desired results even quicker, whether that's weight loss, skin tightening or muscle growth- we ensure that your training is tailored to your desired goals.

The results are great, the service is impeccable. Having an extremely busy schedule, Impulse Fitness always adjust and there is only "yes" in your vocabulary. Especially thankful for you being able to arrange a last-minute trip for your trainer to Monaco. Highly recommended.

Private PA to a member of the Royal Family


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