Impulse Fitness helps to benefit the different needs of our members and aids in improving their health & wellness. It is very safe and has been used for many years in physiotherapy. Here are some of the results you can achieve by training with Impulse Fitness.

Build Muscles

The electrodes are placed on the body, directly over each major muscle group, so all the impulses reach their target. It’s easy, safe and you can’t go wrong.

Achieve a Toned 


Full-body EMS strength training combined with cardio sessions can help you get your muscles toned, burn fat and reduce cellulite. Circulation of the muscular and connective tissues will be enhanced which can lead to firmer and more toned skin as well.

Save Time

“Time is money” as the old saying goes, and it is especially relevant in today’s busy world. With EMS you can achieve the results of a 90-minute training in just 20 minutes, including strengthening and cardio sessions according to your preference.

Improve Posture

Using EMS can help improve your posture, as the special training programs contain exercises for the back, the lower back, the abs and even the shoulders.

Balance Out The Muscular


EMS can also be used if there are muscular imbalances or underdeveloped muscles in the body. Targeting the appropriate muscle groups is easy with the professional placement of the electrodes in the specialised training suit.

Relieve Joints


Unlike regular training with weights, EMS Training will not put additional pressure on your joints and with the help of a specialist, it can be used after an injury or with joint pain as well.


Our EMS training methodology at Impulse Fitness is based on extensive scientific research. The past two decades have seen an increasing amount of research conducted which shows the benefits of the technology beyond medical usage, and this has contributed to its popularity.


At Impulse Fitness we strive to provide our customers with high-quality research conducted by specialists from all over the world. 


I absolutely love these intense workouts. Especially that I have my own personal trainer who visits me twice a week. Sometimes with a busy schedule, you really don't want to get out of the house so there is no excuse to not get my training done

Octavia McAlpine