Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

At Impulse Fitness, we always have and always will put the health and safety of our clients and employees first. This is one of our core values. 

With the growing concerns surrounding Conoravirus (COVID-19), we want to reassure you that we are rigorous in our commitment to safety and we are being extra vigilant to ensure we are prepared for all scenarios.

You can also click the link HERE for the latest Government advice or HERE to read the latest information from the official NHS website. Let’s approach this with a unified front and look out for each other’s health and wellbeing. 

Our Clients

We pride ourselves in the high standards of cleanliness. The Impulse Fitness team always ensure that our suits are carefully sanitised with special antibacterial spray (on top of our usual antibacterial solution) after each client. At the end of each day the suits are placed into a special rooms with quartz lamps (UV lamps).

Our Staff

Our staff follow stringent hand hygiene policies, including double cleansing their hands before and after each session and using gloves where necessary/requested.


As always, hand sanitisers are also available for you to use before/during/after your training session. Simply ask your personal trainer to provide you with antibacterial gel.

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We are following government guidelines and are, as always, taking precautions. With that in mind, we would kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment if you have been in one of the high-risk countries such as China, Italy, or Iran. We would also kindly ask you to let us know if you  have recently been travelling.

You can call us on 01483 363 333. You can also WhatsApp us on 07533 302 271 - we value your co-operation and are happy to chat through any of your concerns. Thank you.