EMS training is very effective at healing back pain

Ladie's hand touh her back softly

EMS research findings showed that EMS not only activates the major back muscle groups but also the deeper muscle groups which are difficult to activate through conventional training methods.

EMS training has a highly significant effect on overall physical performance

EMS training is an effective form of training to improve strength endurance, speed, explosiveness and flexibility

EMS training is effective as both a preventative and treatment training for incontinence

Full body EMS training is effective for the relief of discomforts caused by incontinence as well as a preventive training method

EMS training offers an attractive alternative method of training for elderly people

An old mn dribking water outdoors

Significant positive effects were observed in terms of body fat reduction and increased strength and power for both elderly men and women.

EMS training is better than conventional aerobic training for cardiac patients

Cardiac patients who were tested after 6 months of EMS training showed improvements in performance, muscle strength, physiology and metabolic rates far in excess of the the results of conventional aerobic training

EMS training improves functional strength endurance

Controlled, dynamic and bodyweight-only EMS training is an effective form of training for individuals wanting or needing to improve strength endurance or functional strength abilities for everyday activities and sport specific requirements

EMS can give professional sportspeople the edge

German professional soccer players who incorporated EMS training into their workouts improved significantly in maximum strength, speed, jumping and running performance.

The effectiveness of EMS training for strength is much higher than conventional weight training

A personal trainer controling his clien whilst undergong an EMS session

EMS training increased maximum strength of the tested muscle groups by and improved the maximum power output by an average of 29% in only 4 weeks

EMS training is an effective form of training to improve strength endurance, speed and explosiveness

8 weeks of EMS training seems to have a highly significant effect on performance, as the group average has improved for all tests

EMS provides an effective full body training method benefiting a broad range of target groups

Male model traiing his abs on te floor

The maximum body strength of the participants in a 6 week test increased by 12% and their endurance by 69%.

EMS training improves posture and core muscle strength

The analysis of the test data showed highly significant posture improvement after the Impulse Fitness training, with an average improvement of 12,1% per participant, which can potentially lead to increased spinal stability and the prevention of back injuries or pains